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  1. Project Based Learning is the application of the comprehensive methodology to inculcate the spirit of strategizing industry operations in a real-time environment.
  2. The project work aims to foster students with an opportunity to develop conceptual, analytical, communication and interpersonal skills.
  3. Selection of Project work Topic:
    • The choice of topic for the project work and the approach to be adopted needs to be based on the field ofspecialization.
    • It is important to distinguish between ‘project work topic’ and ‘project work title’. The topic is the specific area that you wish to investigate. The title may not be decided until the project work has been written so as to reflect its content properly.
  4. The project topic should conform to the following:
    • Relevant to business or technology, defined broadly;
    • Related to one or more of the subjects or areas of study within the core program and specialization;
    • Clearly focused so as to facilitate in-depth study, subject to the availability of adequate sources of information and to your own knowledge;
    • Of value and interest to you and your personal and professional development.
  5. Planning the Project work:
    • Selecting an original and relevant topic for investigation.
    • Establishing the precise focus of your study by deciding on the aims and objectives of the project work, formulating questions to be investigated, deciding the sampling techniques and statistical techniques to sum up the findings of the study. Consider very carefully what is worth investigating and its feasibility.
    • Drawing up initial project work outlines considering the aims and objectives of the project work. Workout various stages of project work.
  6. Important instructions and information on Project Submission:
    • The title of the project should not be more than 12 words in length. The complete Project Work should be submitted in 15000-30000 words. You are supposed to submit project work along with extended abstract and project guide resume simultaneously.
    • You must be careful about Originality and Relevance of Project Topic to avoid Project Rejection at a later stage. Therefore, you are required to submit a plagiarism report acknowledging 85% originality
    • Project Guide must be Post Graduate with a minimum of 10 years of work experience
    • Ensure to include signed & scanned copies of following essential certificates
      • From Project Guide: Certifying bonafides of project work carried out under his/her supervision
      • From a student: Certifying that submitted project work is an original piece of work and has not been submitted earlier
    • You will receive an intimation through a registered email address, on successful uploading of project work report
    • Viva Questions will be accessible after uploading Project Work.
    • Project submission will be accepted only after the Project file is uploaded and Viva questions are answered
    • Generally, it takes four to six weeks to complete the process of evaluation of project work.
  7. Project Submission: Complete Project submission includes three stages
    • Extended Abstract along with Guide Resume
    • Project Report Submission along with Plagiarism Report
    • Answer Viva Questions
  8. Viva Submission:
    • Viva Questions will include 5 descriptive questions related to your specific project.
    • Viva questions are mandatory for the final project submission.
  9. Evaluation Scheme:
    • Project Report – 70
    • Viva – 30
    • TOTAL of – 100

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